Please remember that trash and recycling CANNOT be put out any earlier than 6:00 pm the evening before your trash day (ordinance 212-15.D).  If you have any questions regarding our recycling program please contact Margie Love at 856-589-0764 or email mlove@twp.washington.nj.us. For questions regarding Trash and Recycling pick-up please call 856-589-0523 x2.    

What goes in your recycling bucket?
Washington Township's recycling program is a single-stream program. Residents can recycle all cardboard, paper, cans and bottles together in the same container(s) without separating.

Residents are asked to mix all glass jars and bottles with aluminum and tin cans such as soda and soup cans. These metals should be combined with plastic bottles such as milk, detergent, and soda. To see if a plastic container is recyclable, simply look on the bottom of each container and if the #'s 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 are located in the middle of the recycling logo, it is then recyclable. All other plastic containers are to be thrown away, including plastic toys, motor oil and antifreeze containers. Glass, cans, plastics and all paper such as Newspapers, Paper Board (ie: cereal boxes, spaghetti boxes) magazines, catalogs, telephone books, junk mail with envelopes, paper bags and cardboard are to be mixed in your yellow recycling container, or in your own container labeled "recycling". Please do not use plastic bags as containers. 

Brush, Wood and Christmas Trees  

Brush and untreated wood are collected separately and recycled. Brush, such as tree limbs and branches, should be cut up into 4-foot sections and tied into manageable portions. Branches may also be placed loose in containers under 50lbs.  Wood that has not been treated such as plywood and 2 x 4's without stains or paint are collected with brush. These materials should be placed a few feet away from trash.

Christmas trees are to be placed at the curb without plastic bags.

Grass Clippings

Grass is to be bagged or put in a container and separated from trash. If in a container, we ask them to be labeled "grass". Please do not mix grass with trash. Grass clippings are collected separately and recycled are year long.

Leaves are to be raked loose to the curb according to the dates on the Leaf Schedule. Leaves can also be bagged or put in a labeled container at any time and placed out by the curb on your trash day. Please separate from trash. DO NOT rake leaves into the storm sewers.  It is a violation of the State DEP Storm Water Management Laws.
White Goods, TV's and other Metal products   

All metal objects, tv's and white goods (ie: refrigerators, washers, dryers and other metal appliances) will not be retrieved curbside, unless you schedule pick up with Municipal Services @ 856-589-0523.  There will be a flat $20 retrieval rate for all tv's, metal items and white goods.  These items are picked up on Tuesdays only.  Alternatively, these same items may be disposed free of charge.  Please bring these items to the recycling yard located on McClure Drive next to the old Municipal Services Building.  The recycling yard is open every Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.  This new policy helps the township negotiate a lower rate with our current contractor, thereby saving taxpayers money. Another option regarding disposal of working refrigerators can be found by clicking here.


Please bring tires to the recycling yard located on McClure Drive next to the Municipal Services Building.  A limit of 4 tires per household.  Businesses or residents that have more than 4 tires to dispose of can call the county for more information at 856-478-6045 x.14 or go to their website at www.gcianj.comClick here for information about the County's tire amnesty program during the month of March. 

E – Recycling 

The following items need to be disposed of at our recycling yard on Saturdays between 8am-2pm: computers, telephones, answering machines, televisions, printers, monitors, laptops, servers, keyboards, tape drives, hard drives, modems, electric motors, transformers, calculators, power supplies, surge protectors, switch boxes, computer mouse, cables, sound equipment, AC adaptors, fax machines, network equipment, UPS, VCRs, tape players, cash registers, office shredders, copy machines, scanners, overhead projectors, test equipment, circuit cards, wires & dock stations. 

Hazardous Waste Collection 

For household special waste collection such as oil based paints, stains, motor oil, antifreeze, lead acid and all rechargable batteries, DFL bulbs, fluorescent lights and ballasts, solvents, pesticides, cleaners, kerosene, herbicides, gasoline, turpentine, varnish, fertilizers, rat poisons, auto and floor care products, weed killers, lighter fluid, propane tanks, photographic and pool chemicals etc., please call GLOUCESTER COUNTY HAZARDOUS WASTE at 478-6045 ext. 14 or go to their web-site at www.gcianj.com.  
   Click here to see the Gloucestery County Household Special Waste Collection information for 2015. 

The county will NOT accept water based paints, only oil based paints.  For more information on how to dispose of all types of paint please click here.  

Bulk Trash    

Bulk items i.e. furniture, sofas, mattresses, etc... can be placed out on trash day.  They should be placed by the curb alongside your household trash. 


An outside contractor does collection of trash and recyclables; therefore, the holiday collection schedule is observed only on their observed holidays, not the Township's holidays.

During a week in which one of these holidays falls, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, garbage/recycling pickup will be delayed one day.  If the holiday falls on the weekend there will be NO delay. 

Recycling Yard

The Washington Township Recycling Yard is located on McClure Drive off of Greentree Road across from the Police Station.  It is open to Washington Township residents only every Saturday between 8 AM - 2PM. The following items are accepted:  Single stream recycling (Plastics, Bottles, Cans, Cardboard, Mixed paper), branches, E-Recycling (electronics, TV's, computers) concrete, tires, metal, white goods, clothing & shoes.   The following items ARE NOT accepted:  household trash, bulk trash, construction material, fencing, grass, leaves, hazardous waste.  Proof of residency is required.  No contractors allowed.  No dumping off hours.  Violators will be prosecuted.    

Placement at Curb

All residents are asked to place trash and recyclables at the curb after 6:00 P.M. the night before collection.

Recycling Containers 

One free container per household is given to new residents (proof of residency must be provided). New recycling containers can be purchased at the Municipal Services building at a cost of $10.00 for a 20 gallon bin or $17.00 for a 32 gallon bin.  Residents who are over 55 years of age can purchase a bin at half price. We also have recycling stickers free of charge that can be placed on your own container. 


Businesses in Washington Township that have private dumpster service and are interested in recycling single stream items (bottles, cans, paper, cardboard), EWaste  or metal items please contact Margie Love at 856-589-0764 or email mlove@twp.washington.nj.us.



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