How do I obtain a Firearms Permit?
Firearms applicants may come to the Police Administration Building at any time to retrieve firearms related applications. Once in the lobby you will see a phone that will allow you notify our staff that you need a firearms application. Please arrive with photographic identification that verifies your address is in Washington Township. This will assist our staff in the application process.
•If during weekday business hours please dial “1303” for a duty detective who will assist you with the application process.
•If during weekends or after business hours please dial “1” to notify the communications staff who will have an officer assist you with the application process.

If an applicant is delivering completed firearms applications to the Police Administration Building, they may be delivered to the Records Unit. If during business hours and a staff member is present, the staff member will take possession of the application(s). During all other times the application should be placed into a sealed envelope and can be placed into the Records Unit door through the mail drop.

Applicants will be notified once their application is ready for pick up at the Police Administration Building.

Any firearms related questions may be directed to the Investigative Division, Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, by calling (856) 589-0330. If unable to contact the Investigative Division, an on-duty officer can assist you with questions.

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