1. Administration & Finance

    The Business Administrator oversees the functions of the Finance and Administration Department.

  2. Clerk's Office

    The office of the Township Clerk strives to achieve a courteous, service- oriented team of professionals who in connection with the Township Council provide quality service to our customers.

  3. Construction

    The purpose of the Construction Department is to ensure all construction is consistent with nationally recognized standards.

  4. Department of Law

    The head of the Department of Law is the Township Attorney. The Township Attorney serves as the chief legal adviser for the Township.

  5. Emergency Management

    In Washington Township, both the Division of Police and Division of Emergency Management fall within the Department of Law Enforcement.

  6. Family & Community Services

    Learn about the family and community programs provided in Washington Township.

  7. Fire Department

  8. Housing

    The inspections for Construction Official's in this department ensure that buyers and tenants moving into properties have a safe environment. All items inspected have an effect on life safety, health, and welfare of occupants or users of buildings.

  9. Parks & Recreation

    Learn about the Parks and Recreation Department in Washington Township.

  10. Planning & Zoning

    Whether you are erecting a small shed or a shopping complex, this is where it all begins. This office is responsible for processing zoning permits, setting agendas for Planning and Zoning Board meetings, and for enforcing the Zoning Codes of Washington Township.

  11. Police

    The mission of the Washington Township Police Department is to preserve and improve residents’ quality of life, and to work in partnership identifying and effectively responding to the diverse and ever-changing social needs of the community.

  12. Public Library

    The Margaret E Heggan Free Public Library of the Township of Washington will be the community’s primary resource, through print and non-print resources, for knowledge, information, and enjoyment, with emphasis on convenient accessibility and customer-oriented service.

  13. Mayor's Office

    Mayor and Administration

  14. Municipal Utilities Authority

  15. Municipal Court

  16. Public Works

    The goal of the Washington Township Municipal Services is to accommodate all residents with regards to services. Whether it’s a pot hole, trash not getting picked up, or a question about signing up for an activity or sport, our staff is here to answer any and all questions or concerns.

  17. Senior Center

    The Senior Center welcomes the Seniors from Washington Township, however, the Senior Center is not a Day Care facility.

  18. Tax Collector

    The Tax Collector's office is responsible for the billing and collection of all property taxes. Your tax bill includes the funds for the County, County Open Space, School, Fire District, Municipal, and Municipal Open Space.

  19. Township Phone Directories

  20. Vital Statistics & Licenses

    The mission of the office of Vital Statistics is to maintain a uniform system for registration and a permanent and continuous index for all birth, death, and marriage records which occur in the Township of Washington.